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Asia America
Rustic Asian Furniture & Antiques

A curated collection of art, antiques, and furniture from over 40 years of travel and adventure to every corner of Asia.

Come with us to the farm houses of Sichuan, China;

 the water markets of Bangkok, Thailand;

the bustling streets of Jaipur, India

and beyond.

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Jaipur.  Rajisthan.  Chennai.  Mumbai.


Xi'An.  Shanghai.  Chongqing. Guangzhou. Beijing. Hangzhou. Lijiang.


Hanoi.  Ho Chi Minh City. Lhasa. Bangkok. Ulan Bator.  Chang Mai.  


Bridges Between


Education begins on the mother's lap.

In every country, women's education is the most successful path out of poverty for women and their families. When you educate a woman, you educate her entire village. Women's education reduces rates of child marriages and lowers risk of death from preventable illnesses.

According to the UN, Nepal has an illiteracy rate of 56%. Additionally, Nepal is the only country on Earth where a woman's life expectancy is lower than a man's.

Since 2008, Bridges Between has supported women's education programs in Nepal. Asia America is proud to aid Bridges Between in their ongoing goal of supporting Nepali women and girls. Click below to learn more about Bridges Between and how you can help.

bridges between nepali schoolhouse

Across the Pacific

We travel to different regions of Asia every season to find new pieces for our collection. We authenticate each piece on site in the country of origin before it is packed, crated, and loaded in a shipping container for the long journey across the Pacific to Portland, Oregon.

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